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An Angel among us

I was new to Bangalore in 2002. I had lost my dad within two months of my coming to Bangalore.

I felt that this vacuum could never be filled. Not knowing much about my soul-mate Vyju, I just met her in the office and requested her to attend a function at my place. The aura around her can't be explained! She just saw me, and though we did not know much about each other, still a feeling of oneness, a strange blissful feeling with her developed to an extent that, if I wouldn't see her or speak to her, I would go crazy! She would address any problem so well, that I called her Sanjeevani.

One heart rending incident, I would like to narrate.

I told her that I wanted to render service and she took me to an old age home. I was shocked to see the state of so many inmates there. Of these, there was one lady who was almost in her 80s and was just waiting for Vyju to come and clean her! Not even bothered about the stink around, our angel Vyju sat next to her, gave her a sponge bath and applied powder and saw to it that she gave her a fresh look.

The josh with which I went to serve was entirely different. Seeing this, I just wondered if I would do it unconditionally like her?

All this needs a big and clean heart.

One more incident was when a lady with a 3-year-old child was travelling in a bus, sitting next to me. She could not control herself from crying. I asked her the reason for her tears. She said that her child has a hole in the heart, that she is a single parent, and that she was too poor. I gave her my Vyju’s number and left it at that.

After few days I went to Vyju’s house and was shocked to see this lady whom I met in the bus, open the door with such a welcoming smile. And then the child came, and both mother and child fell at my feet! My joy knew no bounds! But I didn’t do anything except connecting them to this angel.

Vyju got the child treated by a leading doctor, giving her a new life. To add to it, the mother also got a job through Vyju.

Vyju... As your name suggests, I know you were in a hurry to be adorned as Lord Krishna’s garland... But you could have thought of the vast circle whom you have left void and the vacuum is too difficult to be filled up...

Love you loads.

- Neha Rao (friend of Asha)

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