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The ever-smiling Karma Yogi

When you hear a title of ‘Yogi’, you might picture a sober person who is devoid of passion and color. Vyjayanthi was quite the contrast. There was a buzz wherever she was. There was never a dull moment when she was around. Her presence never went unnoticed. She always carried herself well, elegant and beautiful.

My decade old bond with Vyjayanthi is hard to define. She played every possible role that was required, based on context. She was the X factor in my life; one who will bail me out of many tricky situations. Someone who will never say no to any help. It goes without saying that I didn’t have to ask for any help explicitly. If she got a feeler of any trouble, she was always there to respond.

We took to social space more or less at the same time. This opportunity has left behind many a fond and enriching memories of her. She was an anchor for many like me, whenever there was any sign of turbulence in their lives, she held things together. When someone was in financial trouble, she would take it up without thinking about bank balance. Not once was she short on raising funds for someone in need. If someone was hospitalized, she would stay up the whole night to take care of them. She was an eternal bouncing board to many who had no one to hear them out. She was never short on time.

She did this with effortless ease. If someone does a due diligence of the work she used to take up, they will sure be left wondering how she would have accomplished it? Any amount of work never took the smile away from her face.

Such amazing qualities of her amused me and triggered many a question about this seemingly one-among-us. How could she have this unconditional love towards anyone and everyone in need? How could one have so much strength to help many without complaints and always with a smile? What powered her?

I have found answers to these questions probably during our temple visits. Whichever temple we went to, whether Madurai Meenakshi or Circle Maramma, there was one thing she would do - she invariably would end up praying for someone who she was supporting.

Her seemingly simple acts of visiting temples, her daily prayers, reciting of chants or any such acts had one common thread - they were filled with utmost and unshakable faith in the Divine and genuine compassion for whom she was praying. She had completely surrendered all her actions to the Divine. She genuinely felt that it is the Divine which powered her. Her constant companions were Ganesha, who can clear any Vighna and Hanuman, an eternal source of strength.

She could effortlessly drop her identity and considered herself as a channel to the Divine. This was the secret of her Akshay Patra of resources and eternal time at her disposal. This made her the ever-smiling Karma Yogi.

You are always with us Vyju! We still carry Ganesha and Hanuman Chalisa that you gave us.

- G. Udaya Bhaskar (co-founder, Mythri Speaks Trust)

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