Bhagyashree.S​, is currently in 2nd PUC. She wants to take up BSc and apply for UPSC exams with the main aim of giving back to society and doing her bit. She is inspired by Late Mrs. Vyjayanthi ji who took personal interest in ensuring that Bhagyashree could continue her education despite financial struggles. She lives with her aged grandparents who are unable to support her financially. 


Bhagyalakshmi​, is currently pursuing 2nd year B'com. She is determined to study well and support her mother who is currently the sole bread winner in her family. She wishes to study M.A and become a Lecturer. Her mother works as a maid in few houses and pays a small portion of the fee. 

Satish with his mother.jpeg

Satish Vis currently pursuing his B.E. 1st year in Computer Science. He dreams of working as a researcher with a PSU and contributing to the development of the nation. He has a natural flair for login & programming. In order to pay his fee, he delivers milk and newspapers every morning, while his mother works as a maid in 7-8 houses. 

Shivraj with his mother.jpeg

Shivraj P.S is currently pursuing B.E. 1st year in Computer Science. Despite his financial struggles, he also gives free tutions for needy students. He wants to work part-time to support his mother who is currently a single parent working as a teacher. He is focussed and determined to do well and help his mother and society at large. 

Sanjay with his father.jpeg

Sanjay is currently pursuing 1st year BCom. He is hardworking and wants to do an MBA. His father works as a washerman and his mother as a domestic help. Sanjay is keen to bring his family out of their financial struggles and willing to work part-time as well.  

Kushal Kumar.jpeg

Kushal Kumar is pursuing B.E. 2nd year in Computer Science, in Chamarajanahgar district. His father is unable to provide due to a medical condition and his mother works as a labourer. Kushal is determined to work hard and help his family out of their financial struggles. 

In order to protect the privacy of students, the photo and information of some students have not been put on the website. Once a donor is on board, we will share more details about the mapped student with the donor. The overview of all selected students for 2020-21 can be seen here

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